Stuck in your industry?

Here are three tips to help you break out to see more opportunity.

Industry career themes are harder to break out of. It is what you know, what is safe and what you are used to. As you stay in your industry long enough it becomes harder and harder to leave.

Developing a set of knowledge within a specific industry opens your eyes to other opportunities and problems in that industry, making it more likely you stay in that industry and continuing your trajectory. If you are trying to break out of your industry theme know that other are looking to hear three things.

1. Intentionally network outside your current industry
Look for opportunities to network with people outside your comfort zone. If you are in healthcare, go network with people in the travel industry. If you are in education, go to a athletic or sports related networking event. Be intentional about attending events outside of your industry.

2. Look at your coworkers’ backgrounds using LinkedIn
While you coworkers may have a bias against other industries, some of them still have networks from prior jobs. Take time to explore their linkedin and see who has a rich set of experiences in an industry you are interested in. Because you have taken the time to get to know them, and have potentially built an internal advocate relationship with them, they are likely to be your supporter and open their network to you.

3. Talk about other industries with family and friends
Usually when you are stuck in an industry your personal network and family are outside of the industry. Leverage them to get perspective.

By networking, leveraging your co-workings, and talking with family and friends you can broaden your horizon of opportunities. The next step, where the real fun begins, is exploring how can you bring you knowledge from your prior industry to a new industry.